Made Top 10 Thanked Person in Joomlart as Support Member

This is got to be too little to late for me to make this spot in Joomlart Forums. Got late Coz of my busy and sloppy schedules. Any way I’m happy now. There are Lots of mates on this run. Now it is for me Maintain things and Move on. Working with Joomlart mates is Awesome. People Like Mr.Don Lee, Mr.Arvind, Mrs.Dong makes things Bigger and their acoomdation when I was in damn sloppy state is Great. Understood My situation and gave me more than enough time to get back. Now its time to Pay back and I’m doing it. My competitiors are Mr.Khoand,Mr.TOM and Mr.Phill the Long time agressive Member. All the Best to all mates.