Pinterest layout and its Dynamic Effects can be Achieved Using Masonry Javascript

David DeSandro is Web designer & front–end developer who has developed the amazing javascripts like Masonry and Isotope. With the Help of this JS you can develop a site which is compatible with all Devices like PC, Mobile, Tables etc…. Even, I have developed my site’s Works and Blog page using Masonry single-column Method but not made compatible Other than PC. Since My Home page has a Big Background Image, I did not give a Try. But Joomlart JA Wall Has been developed their template using this Javascript. It is a Wonderful Template.

Code For Single Column is

itemSelector: ‘.box’

There are a Lots of Methods where you can make a Javascipt work for you
Basic single-column
Basic multi-column
Tumblelog example
Animating with jQuery
Animating with CSS Transitions
Animating with Modernizr
Adding items
Infinite Scroll
Corner stamp

you can Checkout the Demo here

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